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Friday, July 25, 2008

Details of Dharma Initiative OGR Test

As most Losties at Comic Con know by now it is a little chaotic near the OGR booth and getting the opportunity to take the test for many has been tough. However several have had the opportunity to take the 5 minute test.

One of the lucky ones in to the test booth was Tapdawg and he was even able to sneak in a video camera, so he was able to post a full report.

So thanks to Tapdawg for this report about the OGR test details and the video.

You can watch the video at DocArzt site where he posted the video.

Tapdawg here, here's a list of the questions they asked me:

1. State my name while holding up my number (they give it to you when you take the test)
2. Repeat the word three times, louder each time (the word was Continuum)
3. How am I feeling right now (Feeling great)
4. What animal do I relate to the most (The Cheetah)
5. What 3 words best describe you? (Energetic, Generous and Sporadic)
6. What's your first memory? (I said when i peed my pants while dancing at a wedding... i said i was 6 but i realize now i was 2)
7. Who is your constant? (My mom)
8. A weird question like, if anything can happen does that mean that nothing can happen too? (I said yes)
9. Do polar bears make good pets? (I said yes, because they are nice and furry)

From here I saw pictures and had to say the first word that popped into my head
1. A Young boy is squirting a hose onto a young girl (I answered wet)
2. A sign posted an a tree said 'surprise?' (I answered interesting)
3. A picture of a single lane road in the dark woods (I said dark)
4. A skeletal side view of the teeth and jaw (I said mandible)

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